Legacy Plans

The following legacy plans are not offered to new customers, and are only available for preexisting customers who could not meet the location and technical requirements for the new hardware.

Pricing for legacy plans is different than the newer plans due to the costs associated with maintaining support for older hardware. The newer equipment is faster and less expensive.

If users of the legacy plans are unable to upgrade and are dissatisfied with the service and/or pricing, they are not bound to a contract and may cancel anytime to receive a prorated refund for the month.

$40 / month

Download: 384 Kbps

Upload: 384 Kbps

$50 / month

Download: 512 Kbps

Upload: 512 Kbps

$65 / month

Download: 768 Kbps

Upload: 512 Kbps

$85 / month

Download: 1 Mbps

Upload: 512 Kbps